Saturday, February 23, 2019


"Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me."

I don't like thinking of myself as a wretch - a wretch who requires  being saved.  Who me?  A wretch?  How can that be helpful to my self-esteem?

Lately I've seen a pattern of people deciding what they "identify" as.
When we don't like what and who we are in our basic form, we have learned to reject it.  We don't allow ourselves to assume that identity.

So what if I decide to choose to not identify as a "wretch" - I could. 

I would prefer to identify myself as a basically nice person who has some less-than-stellar secret weaknesses.  I could identify as a nice but slightly weak person.

Or how about I identify as a good person?  I could identify as a good person -  most of the time.

I could choose to not identify as a wretched sinner.


I am one.

As long as I don't really understand - or refuse to accept and acknowledge - how wretchedly UNHOLY I am before a HOLY GOD... as long as I don't acknowledge that in my natural state I am inclined to UNHOLINESS and SIN  - and -  that although God is longsuffering I should not interpret His longsuffering as His compromise or overlooking me and my wretched unholiness.

When I identify as the wretch I am -I discover the amazing truth - 

God loves wretches, Jesus came to be a wretch in my place.

And even after I choose to follow Jesus, I continue to battle the wretch inside who is screaming to be allowed to walk in wretched anger, lust, jealousy, unforgiveness, pride, idolatry and gossip.

My identity now?
A righteous wretch.

God declares me righteous because I humbled myself before Him and admitted I am a wretch.

And God poured His accepting love in to a wretch like me.
And turned a wretch like me in to -
A priest in the Holy Kingdom of The Holy God.
Daughter of the Ancient of Days.
A soldier in the Army of The Lord

A gift.
Given to wretches.
Only to wretches. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019


We are in the middle of lots of heated discussion in our nation - and rightly so.   Our so-called "rights" are causing us to do grave wrongs.  We are left to decide what to do when society allows something that Scripture NEVER DOES.  I have seen first hand how the enemy tempts a person to sin against God's Law - and then - torments them with debilitating GUILT for the rest of their lives.   

So let me ask you this: Where did we get the idea that an eighteen-year-old is now FREE to disregard their parent's guidance when they turn 18?   One minute you have to obey your parents, and at the stroke of midnight on your 18th birthday your parents and their role in your life is history.  Who decided that?

Society? or Scripture? 

Let me answer that for you: Society.  At eighteen years of age, society considers a person an adult. What many "adult" eighteen-year-olds don't consider as they are chomping at the bit to be free of any parental restraints is that they are now going to be treated as adults in EVERY WAY.  They often do not consider that society NO LONGER ALLOWS the protection and covering of their parents.  Sure they're freer, but they're also MORE responsible.

I believe that much of the rebellion and lawlessness we are seeing in society today comes from the fact that we have allowed children to believe they are free from any submission, restraints or respect on their 18th Birthday.

To be clear, the Bible does not teach that a child is FOREVER under the authority of his/her parents. What kind of world would we have if no one ever left home? An out of balance world for sure.  Furthermore, the Bible clearly tells a man to leave his parents and cleave to his wife. In the past, people got married younger.  And when marriage arrives, so does responsibility toward your husband and toward your wife.  

We have allowed society to convince our young people and their parents that on a certain birthday - the 18th - a parent's role in a child's life ends.  Where is that in the Bible?
It isn't.  

We have eighteen-year-olds whose idea of freedom is lawlessness. They make serious errors in judgment.  They feel "free" to be disobedient. Why?
"I'm eighteen now."   

Parents,  don't buy the lie that you don't have to continue to provide Godly counsel and direction when your kid turns 18.

Kids... don't buy the lie...

Because.. there is NO LIMIT on HONORING YOUR PARENTS.   Honor does not mean obey.  There does come a time when a person has to launch out in life. This is how God created us.  

But you don't have to DISHONOR YOUR PARENTS TO DO IT.
You don't have to turn against them.

I have a friend who is a Bible Scholar offer this definition of honor when he said that to honor your parents means that when someone is in your presence for any length of time you never utter dishonoring words about your parents.  You honor them and their role in your life - especially if they raised you in the ways of the Lord.  
Be careful - dearly new adult - of the words you speak about your parents.

I have more to say on that in my next blog..

There is never an end to listening to Godly counsel, allowing yourself to be submitted to someone older and wiser.

Being an adult means being wise enough to know you will never know it all.

More in my next blog.
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