Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I am thankful for ME.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I hope it got your attention... and that you understand what I mean by it. I mean that: 

I am thankful that Jesus endured the agony of the Cross for ME.

I am thankful that Jesus loves ME.

I am thankful that Jesus has forgiven ME.  

I am thankful that when He conquered Death, He conquered it for ME.

I am thankful that when He resurrected from the Dead, He gave His Life to ME.

I am thankful that although there is nothing good about ME... He chooses to pour His power in to ME.

I am thankful that although He sees my failures, He chooses to use ME.

I am thankful that when I pray, God hears ME.

He sees ME.

He defends and protects ME.

He searched for ME, the lamb that wandered from the flock.

I am beyond thankful that He wants to reveal Himself to ME.

I know I don't deserve the blessings He sends to ME.

I praise His Name because He has chosen ME.

I worship Him because He is faithful to ME.

And when He comes, He is coming back for ME.

Do you believe these things about YOU? Unless and until you can grasp how EXTREMELY LOVED and IMPORTANT YOU ARE to your Heavenly Father... you will be unable to be filled to all the fullness of God.  

It is wonderful to acknowledge how much God loves US - His children, the Redeemed, the Royal Priests of a Heavenly Kingdom.. but never forget that in that Kingdom, as part of that Holy Family...... 

Your Heavenly Father sees YOU, loves YOU, cares about YOU, hears YOU, has a plan for YOU. You are not JUST part of God's Family- as MIRACULOUS AND MAJESTIC AS THAT IS -  but you are HIS BELOVED CHILD.  

There has to come a moment, when the Holy Spirit reveals God's Love FOR YOU TO YOU.  IT'S VITAL...

Paul says in the verses listed below that the power of the Holy Spirit is needed to know God's LOVE... which surpasses simple KNOWLEDGE of God.. and when you KNOW GOD'S LOVE - for YOU....it's THEN that you will be filled to ALL THE FULLNESS OF GOD.   I pray that we can all have the power and boldness to speak these true words: 
I am thankful that God loves ME. 

"I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love,  may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledgethat you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God."

Ephesians 3:16-19

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I was forced to drive down a road today that I have been avoiding for more than two years.  It's the road to my parent's house.  More accurately, it's the road that leads to the house that USED TO BE my parent's house.
It's the road I have driven down thousands of times.  The happy road. The Mommy road. The Daddy road. 

Now it is not the Mommy road, not the Daddy road.  It's just a road that used to have happy on the other end.  It brought me to the people who loved me most, loved me longest, loved me deep.  

Without realizing it, I drove on it again today.  I saw a house that is painted maroon that my mother always commented about.  "I love that house" she would say every single time we passed it.  I passed it today and there was silence.  Does anyone care that my mother loved that house?  I do.

I apologize to God for missing my parents.  I explain to Him that I know they are in His presence. I know that are fully alive.  I acknowledge, for the umpteenth time,that I realize they lived long, blessed, happy lives.  I understand that my life was blessed because of their lives.  I realize people all around me are enduring deeper pain than the loss of two parents in their nineties.  BUT....


I miss what used to be. I still do.  "Lord, I still cannot drive down this road.  It's two and a half years and I cannot do it."

"So. Don't."

What?  I don't have to?
OH.  He understands?
OH.  He doesn't care that it's two and half years?
OH.  OH. OHHHhhhhhh.

Sometimes, some "roads" don't lead to happy anymore.  When we drive on those roads, it reminds us that what used to be there isn't there anymore. 

We don't like to be reminded. 

We miss what used to be waiting at the end of that road - a happy marriage that became unhappy and angry and ended; a house filled with children needing to be raised who are gone and grown and don't need us anymore; a life focused on doing God's will that got off balance and lost it's way; a friend who betrayed us; a child who is lost.

We cannot travel those roads anymore.  It still hurts too much.

The God filled with compassion and mercy says, "So, don't."

Let Him heal you in His time.
Until then, it's o.k. to avoid the road that continues to break your heart.  It's o.k. to focus on the goodness of God and not the weakness of humans.
It's o.k. to be broken.
He came to heal the broken hearted

He will heal us.
Because that's why He came.
He doesn't reject us because we are broken.
He isn't disappointed because we are bruised.
It's o.k. to avoid some roads... for now.
He will lead us in the path that we should go. 
And He is always waiting at the end of every road. 
To welcome us in to His presence.
Where there is JOY beyond measure.

"A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out." 
Matthew 12:20

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Years ago, exactly one month before my birthday, I had to borrow my husband's car. I was having lunch with one of my editors in downtown Nashville.  I don't remember WHY I was using his car, and he was using mine that day.   Because I am significantly shorter than my husband, when I got in the driver's seat I had to pull it forward all the way so that I could reach the peddles.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I glanced in the car as I locked it and saw a white box.  About the size of a box you might put your wife's birthday gift in.  It must have been hidden under the driver's seat and when I pulled it forward, it was uncovered.

The right thing to do would have been to ignore the box. The wrong thing to do would have been to unlock the car, grab the box, open it, and see a necklace inside that I had been looking at every time we went to the mall. The really evil thing to do would be to take the necklace out, and wear it. 

I did the wrong and evil thing. I am ashamed.  
My friend looked at me in disbelief. 
What can I say?

On the way home, I called my husband to tell him I was on my way home. I started to talk about my birthday and how excited I was that it was just a month away.  He said, "You found the necklace, didn't you? I thought about it being there after you left.  I forgot to take it out."

I confessed to finding it and to wearing it. 

When I got home that day, he went out to the car and retrieved it from where I had tried to re-hide it.  
He handed it to me and said,  
"Happy Birthday"... but it wasn't the same.  I have no idea what plans he had in his heart for that gift to be given to me.  I have no idea what he wanted to say when he gave it to me.   I will never know. Never know what might have been if I had just waited for Phil's plan to unfold.  Every time I wear that necklace I remember how I messed up the love behind it by being impatient.  I still got the necklace, but not the way Phil wanted me to have it.

Psalm 106 talks about God's chosen people.  It talks about the amazing things He did for them.  And it speaks about how they "soon forgot what he had done and DID NOT WAIT FOR HIS PLAN TO UNFOLD." (v. 13). 

I want mostly good things in life.  I want good everything.  And when something isn't perfect, I get impatient waiting for the gift of God's mercy and grace and kindness to me.  When something is bad, or difficult,or crushing me... I want to help God.  I take matters in to my own hands. 
Forgetting that God has a plan. God has The Plan.
And sometimes I have to WAIT for it.

Psalms 106 and 107 talk about people who find themselves in messes.
People who took things in to their own hands.
People who did not WAIT to see God's plan unfold.
In fear or frustration they did what they thought should be done.

Even so, there is hope for those of us who do not wait.  Those of us who mess up The Plan.  It happens if we humble ourselves and CRY OUT TO HIM. "GOD, HELP!! HELP!!" 

He hears. He helps.  He rescues.  He loves. We may ignore His promises to us.  But He never does.

"He took note of their distress when he heard their cry; for their sake he remembered his covenant and out of his great love he relented."
Psalm 106:44-45

Monday, August 7, 2017


A long time ago a friend of mine was talking to me about my dream of being a writer. 
He said something that hit me between the eyes. He said, “You know, the world is filled with two kinds of writers: Writers who talk about writing, and writers who write!” He was inferring that I was the first kind of writer. A writer who talked about writing without actually writing anything. He was right. That’s who I was. I’m sure he didn’t realize at the time time that his words so annoyed me, that his words so identified and exposed me and my lazy dreaming, that I became a writer who wrote. I just wrote and wrote and wrote. And when an editor asked to see something I had written (Thanks, Wanda) I had something to show. And because of that I became a writer who was published. (Thanks again, Ivey.) And then I became a writer who wrote a book. And now I am a writer who has a major publisher releasing that book in the Spring of 2018. Hooray. It’s funny how God opens doors when we do what we are called to do. True, I have not won the Nobel Prize for writing and have not been on any Best Sellers list. (yet). But I am a writer. Thank God for friends who spur us on to good works. Thank God for my friend who challenged me.

I have learned something else about writing. It is more than simply getting an inspired idea. It is more than having five hundred catchy (at least I think they are) titles for possible books and articles and songs. Writing involves FINISHING the creation you STARTED.

FINISHING is the real work of writing. I have scores of songs (pardon the pun) that are not finished, and therefore no one has ever heard them. In order for you to hear a song I’ve written, I have to FINISH the song. In order for you to read a book I’ve written, I have to FINISH the book. In order to see a painting a painter has painted means the painting was FINISHED. A twist on my friend’s sentence to me might be “There are two kinds of writers: Writers who begin and don’t finish, and writers who write and won’t stop until they are FINISHED.” Beginning is easy. Finishing is hard.

The Bible refers to Jesus as an Author. Well, not just AN author, but THE Author. The Author of our Faith. We have a NEW life because of Jesus. We are NEW CREATIONS. What we have become has not existed until Jesus put life in to us, breathed His Spirit in to dead, dry bones. In this life with Jesus, beginning is easy. To us it can seem like FINISHING is hard. We don’t know if we have the strength, or the faith, or the will to endure. FINISHING is the whole point. Getting HOME. OVERCOMING. It’s exhausting at times. We toy with the idea of simply giving up. It’s because we think we have to finish the story in our own power, by our own strength, in our own wisdom. But wait! Wait! Hold on!!Hebrews 12:2 tells that Jesus is not only the AUTHOR of our faith, but the FINISHER. He finishes every new creation He begins.
THE FINISHER is at the right hand of The Father. He is interceding. He has shared every victory with you.  He has already OVERCOME the world. Relax. You can cast ALL your cares on Him, because HE CARES FOR YOU. Relax. Jesus never starts something He doesn’t finish. He finished His work on the Cross. He said, “It is FINISHED.” And you? And me? We may give up on ourselves, but REMEMBER THIS: “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

The FINISH line is in sight whenever I keep my eyes focused on the Finisher.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


The word "platitude" finds its root in the French word "plat" which means ""flat." (What is this?  A blog? Or an English class?)

A platitude is a phrase that is used so often that it doesn't hold any meaning - to the person saying it or the person hearing it. 
We have been afflicted with Platitude Paralysis.  It's a disease of the spirit, soul and body. 

We may not recognize the symptoms of Platitude Paralysis because it has so infected us that we are accustomed to being sick.  This hideous infection has created a society of people who don't believe anything anyone says anymore.  And who can blames us? 

Advertising platitudes:  "the best car deals in the Midstate" - "the best steak restaurant in Tennessee" - "the friendliest church you will ever visit" have been the seeds that have infested our hearts, our minds and our souls with Platitude Paralysis.  Because we discovered we DID NOT get the best car deal, it WAS NOT the best steak restaurant, and that church was the UNFRIENDLIEST place you've ever been to.

This morning I read a verse that burned in to my eyeballs and heart. Platitude Paralysis existed in the days of Moses.   The Israelites were living in horrendous slavery and under the rule of a cruel Pharaoh. God tells Moses, "HEY! Guess what? I'm going to deliver My people. I'm going to answer their prayers. I'm going to make them free and not slaves, and give them the land I promised to your ancestor, Abraham!" And here's the verse that got to me:

"Moses reported this to the Israelites, but they DID NOT LISTEN TO HIM because of their DISCOURAGEMENT and HARSH LABOR." (Exodus 6:9)

Who can blame them? Which of them had the power to flee from Egypt? Who would be insane enough to think slaves could overcome the vast armies of Pharaoh? Life had never been a land of milk and honey.. for decades...  All of sudden, Moses, we are going to be free? Yeah. Right.

When life becomes so harsh, so filled with burden and labor, we give up hoping that God is going to do anything, much less DELIVER US. 

But here's REALITY about the words the Israelites did not listen to.
It was not a platitude.
It was a promise.
A promise that came true.
Right before their weary eyes.

God keeps His promises. 
The good news about that story is that the outcome was not based on the faith of the people, but on the promise of God. 

After a while, the people got up and moved because Pharaoh told them to go.  God comes to us in our discouraged, depleted hearts and creates a scenario where we move... because we have to.  He delivers us from slavery even while we have learned to live with it. It's not your faith, it's God's promise to you that will set you free.

Today, your slavery may seem like it is never going to end.
Your life may be at it's lowest point. You are paralyzed because you think the promises of God are just platitudes.. so you never walk like someone who believes them.

You may think this blog is just more printed platitudes...

Let me remind you that Moses was telling the truth.
I am also.  
You cannot deliver yourself.
God heard the cries of His people.
He hears your cries too.
The Holy Spirit will give you the faith to believe, the power to walk out that faith, and the hope to keep going until you see the promises of God become reality.

Ask for the Holy Spirit to invade your heart and mind.
He will. You will walk away from your slavery. Only because the Holy Spirit is working in you. HE delivers us.
You will not be the same.
A platitude?
A promise.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I'm sorry you didn't love me more.  
I know how desperately I loved you. Few people have experienced being loved that way. Being loved that fully. To be loved just for being. That's the way I loved you.  You know that. You felt it. You found your home in my love...for a while.  

I'm sorry you didn't love me more than you loved other people and other things because then you would have been that rare human walking through life having found what humans search for. I am what you were and are looking for.  My love. For you.  It is intense. It is light in the darkness.  It causes you to be fully alive.  It is what you are seeking.  

I'm sorry you didn't love me more because I am the one who really knows you. Who really saw you.  Who truly understood your heart, your broken places and your strengths. I saw the reason for your weakness and they never made me love you less. I wanted you to be the you that our Father created you to be when He created you.

I'm sorry that you didn't love me more because then your commitment to me would have caused you to make changes in your life.  You would have found a place for me in your life, pushing other people and other things away so that I could be in your life. In your heart.  

I'm sorry that you didn't love me more because then you would have understood the heart of love.  It never changes. It never stops.  It remains.  Time has not diminished that love you so freely dismissed.  Because I know you, I know you wonder if the weeks, the months, the years, the decades since you foolishly believed you could live without my love have caused me to forget you...have caused me to love you less...They have not.  I love you the way I loved you the first moment you knew that I loved you.

I'm sorry you didn't love me more because the kind of love I offered is not demanding, doesn't want it's own way...  And if you wanted to leave.. if you wanted to stay committed to other people.. other things....I could never have forced you to stay. Despite all I could have done.. I could never had demanded that you love me the way I love you.  

I'm sorry that you didn't love me more because I have to watch in desperation as you continue to search for what you already had. In me. In my heart.  .

I'm not telling you these things to make you feel bad.  

The real issue is not the way I feel about you.
But the way you feel about me. 

I'm sorry you didn't love me more.
Are you?

"I have loved you with an everlasting love"