Tuesday, February 14, 2017


"I have loved you with an everlasting love" -GOD
Today, Valentine's Day, people are saying "I love you" millions of times to millions of people.  It's the day that people are pressured, forced, lovingly buying candy, flowers, chocolates and jewelry so that she won't be angry will feel loved.
It's a happy day for many...
And a not-so-happy day for millions of people who have no one to say it to, and no one to say it to them.

LOVE.  Who could have warned us that nothing we accomplish will mean anything if we don't have love in our lives?  God tried. God tries. Mostly we ignore Him.

  • Why didn't someone caution us to not allow that person who loved us with unconditional love to slip through our fingers?
  • Why do we let someone who loves us the way we long to be loved  get away? 
  • Why don't we do whatever it takes to, whatever it costs, to hold on to that Love? 
  • Why do some children decide they don't need their parent's love?
  • Why do some parents choose to love themselves more than their own child?
  • Why don't Christians love each other the way we are told commanded to? 
  • Why does Love hurt so much?
  • How does Love heal so much?

Sometimes we value things MORE than we value love.

Sometimes we think our value is in things and not in LOVE.

No thing can fill the void left by no love

I have loved people who did not love me back.
I have loved people who did not love me as much as I loved them.
I have loved people who didn't see any value in the love I offered.
I have loved people who broke my heart.

In our - my - humanity I can convince myself that the way to heal a soft and broken heart is to harden it.

We believe that the person who does not love is the blessed one because the person who does not love does not hurt. 

We are not created to live without love.
Because it is LOVE Who CREATED US.
We, humans, are the creatures Love created.

Love (God) doesn't stop loving just because we don't love Him.
He keeps loving.
He keeps calling.
He keeps wanting.

True love never dies.  
But it cannot live in a hardened heart.
True love comes from heaven.
And it comes in to a NEW HEART given by God - who IS LOVE.

"Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.”

 Hebrews 4:7

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Anonymous said...

After years of trying to get love from people, along the way, I lost the true love. It's hard to give that illusion up, the illusion of thinking I could ever get true love from people. It goes a lot deeper than that, it's the way I was taught, trained to think. I'm trying to get back with the Father now, I realize He is the true source of what I've been looking for.