Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Lately, I always have a pair of reading glasses on top of my head.This makes it easier to find them when I need them. 

It's a beautiful morning here in Tennessee.  I went outside with a cup of coffee, my Bible and my glasses. As I sat down on the swing on the back deck,the glasses became useless to me. In the hinge of the glasses was a tiny hair that I must have pulled out of my head when I took them off last time. That teensy,weensy almost invisible strand of hair kept getting in my eye, tickling my face and it kept me from being able to use the glasses. I had to get up, come back inside, FIND ANOTHER PAIR OF GLASSES so that I could see the hair well enough to take it out of the hinge.

Compared to the weight of the glasses the hair was practically weightless.  And yet, all the effort, all the research, all the marketing and sales that was devoted to creating this pair of glasses became powerless against the distraction and disturbance of one tiny hair.  

The hair had to be removed for the glasses to do their job of helping me to see. 

It got me thinking about spiritual sight.  

It got me thinking about those tiny things that may keep me - you - from seeing things clearly.  Things we hardly notice and could easily ignore - until we need to "SEE." We feel lost and blind.  And never understand that that tiny "hair" of unforgiveness. Or resentment. Or anger. Or fear. Or lust. Or inferiority. Or jealousy. Or worry. Or doubt HAS TO BE REMOVED because it is distracting me - us - from being able to see what God intends for me to "see" about His will, His purpose, His love, His mercy, His power and His might. 

BUT... I cannot see well enough to see, or know, or remove those tiny "hairs" that are distracting me as I try to see what God intends for me to see. 
HOWEVER....The Holy Spirit can.  And if I will ask Him to, He will reveal them and REMOVE them.  All I have to do is admit I am having trouble "seeing"  - that I am confused and blind and do not even know what is hindering my sight.  
I humble myself - and ask Him to remove it. 

It isn't as difficult as we make it.  If you cannot "see" why your prayers are powerless, your faith is weak, your heart is hard - admit it. 
Admit it to God. (BTW....when we admit something to God it's not like we are informing Him about something He doesn't already know.  NOTHING is hidden from Him.. NOTHING.)

Admitting we are weak is not a crime. It's why Jesus had to come, and why He sent The Comforter.   I need reading glasses to see because my eyes are not strong enough.  I need the Holy Spirit to see because in my own strength I am not strong enough.  In order to see clearly, to think clearly, to know clearly.......I need The Holy Spirit and so do you.  

"If your sinful old self is the boss over your mind, it leads to death. But if the Holy Spirit is the boss over your mind, it leads to life and peace."
Romans 8:6 (NLT)

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